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knew, known, knowing, knows
s. belli, bilinen, tanınan
  • Against my will, in the course of my travels, the belief that everything worth knowing was known at Cambridge gradually wore off. In this respect my travels were very useful to me.
    Bertrand Russell
  • Alan White and I spent the next two or three years working together on this. We developed what is known a stochastic volatility model. This is a model where the volatility as well as the underlying asset price moves around in an unpredictable way.
    John Hull
  • All the people in Star Trek will always be known as those characters. And what characters to have attached to your name in life! The show is such a phenomenon all over the world.
    Nichelle Nichols
  • All this is applicable to the intellectual faculties of man. There is a considerable difference between one person and another as regards these faculties, as is well known to philosophers.
  • Almost nothing is known from hybridization studies about the inheritance of courtship behavior of females, or of their responsiveness to particular male signals.
    Peter R. Grant
  • America, when it became known to Europeans, was, as it had long been, a scene of wide-spread revolution.
    Francis Parkman
  • Americans are the only people in the world known to me whose status anxiety prompts them to advertise their college and university affiliations in the rear window of their automobiles.
    Paul Fussell
  • Among golfers the putter is usually known as the payoff club and how right that is! Putting is in fact a game in itself.
    Bobby Locke
  • Among terrestrial mammals, Kamchatka is best known for the abundance and size of its brown bears.
  • An absolutely new idea is one of the rarest things known to man.
    Thomas More
  • An appeal to the reason of the people has never been known to fail in the long run.
    James Russell Lowell
  • And a lesson in this movie is dig beneath the surface. And so with my words, with my character, I purposely created a character that was away from how you've known me thus far in my career.
    Shemar Moore
  • And acoustic earmuffs, also known as ear defenders: cups lined with sound-deadening material, like thermal earmuffs and headphones in appearance, which are worn as hearing protection.
  • And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.
    Kahlil Gibran
  • And I don't want to begin something, I don't want to write that first sentence until all the important connections in the novel are known to me. As if the story has already taken place, and it's my responsibility to put it in the right order to tell it to you.
    John Irving
  • And I had known Peter O'Toole before in London. And I'd liked him very much. And the thought of being in a picture with him was very challenging to me. And he was playing the starring role.
    Anthony Quinn
  • And I've known people who came out with a sense of torture.
    George Weinberg
  • And yet he must have known how terribly anxious I was.
  • Andy Warhol is the only genius I've ever known with an I.Q. of 60.
    Gore Vidal
  • Another little known fact about Amazing Tennis - the computer opponents are modeled after real people. In an odd turn of events, I joined a division 3 college tennis team at age 38.
    David Crane

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