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s. müsait, mevcut, kullanışlı
  • Every piece of emergency equipment are available Alert rescue units every mile of the way, from here to the Rockies
    Tüm acil durum malzemeleri hazır. Buradan Rockies'e kadar her mildeki kurtarma ekiplerini alarma geçirin.
  • Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution
    Metin, Yaratıcı Halk İsnatlarında mevcuttur.
  • We have deducted our fee and are making a second count. The funds will be available in an hour.
    Kendi ücretimizi aldık ve ikinci bir sayım yapıyoruz. Fon (para) bir saat içinde hazır olacak.
  • I'm never free, but I'm available.
    Hiç boş olmam,
    ama müsaitim.
  • Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.
    Gillian Anderson
    Birine yardımcı ol,Bir arkadaşına yada meslektaşına ister kendini hazırla istersen her ay gönüllü çalışma yapmak için zaman ayır,ihtiyacı olan birine yardım etmekten daha çok yetkilendirme duygusuyla ilgili ürün verecek hiç bir şey yoktur.
  • - Mmm, it smells so nice here. How much is the room?
    - It's 1 ,200 a night.
    - I don't know that it's large enough. Do you have any villas?
    - There are no villas available right now.
    - Mmm, burası çok güzel kokuyor.Oda ne kadar?
    - Geceliği 1,200.
    - Yeteri kadar geniş mi bilemiyorum. Hiç villanız var mı?
    - Şu anda müsait olan villamız yok.
  • A more complex - but only slightly more original - way to feel out of it is available at the hip and pretentious nightclubs and bars along the Sunset Strip.
    Merrill Markoe
  • A secret character may be a playable character in a video game available after completing the game or meeting other requirements.
  • A successful economic development strategy must focus on improving the skills of the area's workforce, reducing the cost of doing business and making available the resources business needs to compete and thrive in today's global economy.
    Rod Blagojevich
  • Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life.
    Kitty O'Neill Collins
  • All I want to do is make sure that art is available to all Americans in a participatory way, whether you engage in the art process yourself or you're an audience member.
    Jane Alexander
  • All I want to do is make sure that art is available to all Americans in a participatory way, whether you engage in the art process yourself or you're an audience member.
    Jane Alexander
  • All though I didn't meet him. His legend and his saga and his story is just that. Jackie Robinson, we all have to tip our hat to him. Because he made the game available to guys like me.
    Dave Winfield
  • Along with the lazy man... the dying man is the immoral man: the former, a subject that does not work; the latter, an object that no longer even makes itself available to be worked on by others.
    Michel De Certeau
  • Although in the United States most produce is available year-round, produce is at its best and cheapest in the season it is harvested.
  • Although some are under development, no vaccine is currently available for malaria that provides a high level of protection; preventive drugs must be taken continuously to reduce the risk of infection.
  • And for man to look upon himself as a capital good, even if it did not impair his freedom, may seem to debase him... by investing in themselves, people can enlarge the range of choice available to them. It is one way free men can enhance their welfare.
    Theodore William Schultz
  • And I feel that we in our society should not be held by any such myth; that we should do everything we can to gain a delight and joy in our society with all the available parts of the palette.
    Minoru Yamasaki
  • And it turned out that the Roberts Commission did not fully utilize the information available and that it came to conclusions which were I think quite short sighted and, indeed, in some cases, scapegoated individuals.
    Richard Ben-Veniste
  • And most countries are now reducing the number of conscripts and increasing the professionals that are available because they're available on short notice.
    Lord Robertson

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