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i. yedek, değiştirme
  • Also in the new constitution, we want to lower the voting age from 20 years to 18 years and also gradually implement a voluntary military service in replacement of the current compulsory military service.
    Chen Shui-bian
  • At issue was the question whether this man's faith could prevail against a man whose equal faith it was that this society is sick beyond saving, and that mercy itself pleads for its swift extinction and replacement by another.
    Whittaker Chambers
  • Compared to the United States, physicians in Europe have a much more conservative approach to joint replacement in general.
    Allen Boyd
  • I find in working always the disturbing intrusion of elements not a part of my most interested vision, and the inevitable obliteration and replacement of this vision by the work itself as it proceeds.
    Edward Hopper
  • I recently have had a full hip replacement and a liver transplant, and I'm getting used to the medication.
    Evel Knievel
  • Knee replacement is serious stuff. And it actually could have made me worse.
    Lee Majors
  • Ministers are defeated over plans to tackle online piracy, but critics say the replacement is just as bad for internet freedom.
  • My daughter, when she was a week old, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. For the past thirteen years, she's had four major heart surgeries. She's a candidate for - and must have - heart replacement surgery in order to have a long life.
    Nick Cassavetes
  • The most rewarding thing is being on Broadway. I went into Cabaret as a replacement and was really challenged beyond anything I could have imagined.
    Brooke Shields
  • The problem is that replacement of Quantum Mechanics by Quantum Field Theory is still very demanding.
    Martin Fleischmann
  • We needed time off from each other after our last tour because there was a lot of personal stuff we had to take care of. Eddie needed hip replacement surgery. Al needed his back worked on. And I was going to have a baby.
    Sammy Hagar
  • What I advise clients is, sell, pay the tax and be happy. Don't ask me to find a replacement unless it's land.
    Mike Simpson
  • Tipsarevic, a replacement for the injured Andy Murray, had no chance of reaching the last four but came from behind to secure arguably the biggest win of his career.

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