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f. yardım etmek
i. yardım, destek
  • I think, giving aid to someone in need is very important because maybe one day we will be needy too.
    İhtiyacı olan birine yardım eli uzatmak bence çok önemlidir çünkü birgün bizde ihtiyaç sahibi olabiliriz.
  • The guerrillas obviously have the complete aid and sympathy of the people.
    Gerillalar kesinlikle halkın tam desteği ve sempatisini kazanmış.
  • First aid for a broken bone calls for a splint in most situations.
    Boys' Life - Dec 1985 - Page 36
    Çoğu durumda, kırık bir kemiğe ilk yardım için atel gerekir.
  • He came at his own expense
    to aid his brother.
    Cebinden masraf ederek
    kardeşine destek olmaya gelmiş.
  • - Stop by the gray hangar. They have First Aid there. Hans will fix you. He's a great doctor. He's removed bullets before.
    - Gri hangarda durun. İlk Yardımları var. Hans seni iyileştirir. Harika bir doktordur. Daha önce kurşun çıkarmıştı.
  • A center punch is typically used as an aid to drilling operations; a drill, when brought into contact with a flat surface, will have a tendency to wander on the surface until it gains sufficient purchase to start cutting a hole.
  • A group of aid agencies warns there is a danger that aid sent to Afghanistan is becoming increasingly militarised.
  • A sinner can no more repent and believe without the Holy Spirit's aid than he can create a world.
    Charles Spurgeon
  • A Spanish woman aid worker kidnapped in West Africa last year has been freed, the Spanish government says.
  • Abortion politics have distracted all sides from what is really essential: a major aid campaign to improve midwifery, prenatal care and emergency obstetric services in poor countries.
    Nicholas D. Kristof
  • According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979.
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
  • Aid can work where there is good governance, and usually fails where governments are unable or unwilling to commit aid to improve the lives of their people.
    Lee H. Hamilton
  • All that a good government aims at... is to add no unnecessary and artificial aid to the force of its own unavoidable consequences, and to abstain from fortifying and accumulating social inequality as a means of increasing political inequalities.
    James F. Cooper
  • All this without that diabolic aid which is surely to him.
  • An Egyptian soldier dies and eight Palestinians are injured in clashes at the Gaza border, after aid trucks are refused entry.
  • An Ethiopian minister denies reports that millions of people need urgent food aid after years of drought.
  • And that's why I wrote the book, because our country really needs to understand, if people in this nation understood what our foreign policy is really about, what foreign aid is about, how our corporations work, where our tax money goes, I know we will demand change.
    John Perkins
  • As aid efforts in Haiti gather pace, workers tell us about the relief operation.
  • As he spoke he lifted a little silver crucifix and held it out to me, I being nearest to him, put these flowers round your neck, here he handed to me a wreath of withered garlic blossoms, for other enemies more mundane, this revolver and this knife, and for aid in all, these so small electric lamps, which you can fasten to your breast, and for all, and above all at the last, this, which we must not desecrate needless.
  • At the time when this famous historical battle was fought in Kosovo, the people were looking at the stars, expecting aid from them. Now, six centuries later, they are looking at the stars again, waiting to conquer them.
    Slobodan Milosevic

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