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baştan başa, boyunca
  • .and then, throughout the day you have to continue to greet these people...
    ondan sonra, gün boyubu insanları selamlamak zorunda kalırsınız...

  • He presented them with a statue of the American eagle our symbol of peace and freedom throughout the world.
    Kendisi onlara, dünyanın her yerinde barış ve özgürlük sembolümüz olan, Amerikan kartalı heykelini verdi.
  • Coffee has played an important role in many societies throughout history. In Africa and Yemen, it was used in religious ceremonies. As a result, the Ethiopian Church banned its secular consumption until the reign of Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia. It was banned in Ottoman Turkey in the 17th century for political reasons, and was associated with rebellious political activities in Europe.
    Kahve tarih boyunca birçok toplumlarda önemli bir rol oynamıştır,Afrika ve Yemen'de dini törenlerde kullanılırdı,Sonuç olarak,Etopya Kilisesi dinsel olmayan tüketimini Etopya Kıralı II.Menelik'in saltanatına kadar yasakladı.17.yüzyıl Osmanlı Türkiye'sine politik nedenlerle yasaklandı ve Avrupa'da isyancı siyasi faaliyetlerle işbirliği yapıldı.
  • Seismologists are reporting an enormous disturbance throughout the world's oceans which apparently began about 15 minutes ago.
    Deprembilimciler dünya okyanusları genelinde yaklaşık 15 dk önce başlayan büyük bir hareketlenme bildiriyor.
  • A man of strength and wisdom, John Paul became an inspiration to generations of both Catholics and non-Catholics throughout the world by encouraging freedom, promoting peace and respecting all faiths.
    Greg Walden
  • A modern girls' school, equipped as scores are now equipped throughout the country, was of course not to be found in 1858, when I first became a school boarder, or in 1867, when I ceased to be one.
    Mary A. Ward
  • A person isn't who they are during the last conversation you had with them - they're who they've been throughout your whole relationship.
    Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Abortion on demand, throughout the full nine months of a pregnancy, for virtually any reason, became public policy in the United States of America. No other developed democracy had, or has, such a permissive abortion regime.
    Robert Casey
  • Acting in anger and hatred throughout my life, I frequently precipitated what I feared most, the loss of friendships and the need to rely upon the very people I'd abused.
    Luke Ford
  • Acts of anti-Semitism in countries throughout the world, including some of the world's strongest democracies, have increased significantly in frequency and scope over the last several years.
    Tim Holden
  • Actually, I would love to make a music video. Maybe it would finally put to rest those persistent rumours that have followed me throughout my career - particularly when I was on camera performing - that I had died.
    Perry Como
  • Admittedly, scientific authority is not distributed evenly throughout the body of scientists; some distinguished members of the profession predominate over others of a more junior standing.
    Michael Polanyi
  • After 9/11, the businesses in my district and throughout the New York metropolitan area saw firsthand the result of a lack of availability of terrorism insurance.
    Steve Israel
  • After about the first Millennium, Italy was the cradle of Romanesque architecture, which spread throughout Europe, much of it extending the structural daring with minimal visual elaboration.
    Harry Seidler
  • All I know is that skating is getting better, the guys are getting better throughout the whole age range.
    Elvis Stojko
  • Amtrak offers riders a cost-effective way to travel throughout the country.
    Tim Bishop
  • An artist carries on throughout his life a mysterious, uninterrupted conversation with his public.
    Maurice Chevalier
  • And one thing I can be proud of is we have a 'Come and Try Fishing' day every year. And there's 20 venues throughout the state, and see, these thousands of kids who've never been fishing come along.
    Rex Hunt
  • And then '74 as I mentioned and then the 1990 world cup was our team was the team of the reunification you know, so we were the team for both sides of Germany so now, you know throughout the last 16 years, we've melted together. And now comes the next milestone.
    Jurgen Klinsmann
  • Arbitrage proof has since been widely used throughout finance and economics.
    Merton Miller

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