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i. aktris, kadın oyuncu
  • And I wanted a new actress for a new kind of fiIm and I think that's exactIy what we found in Sanaa Lathan.
    Ayrıca yeni bir film türü için yeni bir kadın oyuncu istedim ve sanırım bu tam olarak Sanaa Lathen'da bulduğumuz şeydir.
  • But, you know, I have been trained as an actress myself.
    ama bilirsin, bir kadın oyuncu olarak eğitildim.
  • -Do you know who the guest star is this time?
    -Guest star I believe it's.. a female actress and her name is Kyoko Harase.
    -Bu sefer konuk oyuncunun kim olduğunu biliyor musun?
    -Konuk oyuncu sanırım---Bir kadın oyuncu ve adı Kyoko Harase.
  • A big part of being an actress specifically is feeling entitled to your artistic opinion, feeling that it means something, and being able to stand by it.
    Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • A film is a director's vision... there is, however, much input an actor or actress can have.
    Natasha Richardson
  • Acting is something different to everybody. I just know that if you watch an actor or actress getting better and better, I think that's them just understanding themselves better and better.
    Cameron Diaz
  • Always wanted to be an actress or work with animals and now I get to do both.
    Julia Barr
  • Always wanted to be an actress or work with animals and now I get to do both.
    Julia Barr
  • An actor is something less than a man, while an actress is something more than a woman.
    Richard Burton
  • An actress can only play a woman. I'm an actor, I can play anything.
    Whoopi Goldberg
  • An actress is not a machine, but they treat you like a machine. A money machine.
    Marilyn Monroe
  • An actress must be a woman whose emotional perceptions are true, and to make them so, she must have a fine contempt for any art or thought that betrays them for something false.
    Nance O'Neil
  • An actress must never lose her ego - without it she has no talent.
    Tom Lehrer
  • An actress who has the gift of swaying the emotions of an audience, of compelling tribute of tears, or of moving the public to joyous merriment, cannot always be satisfied to set aside her whole career, in the work that she loves, simply because she is married.
    Billie Burke
  • And while I might not always agree with the viewpoint I have to portray, because I play a district attorney, as an actress I can always tell myself that my character is trying to take the moral high ground.
    Lara Flynn Boyle
  • Anne Baxter was a very good actress, Donna Reid was great. You couldn't name an actress I wasn't crazy about.
    Richard Widmark
  • Artwork for a DVD release showing late actress Brittany Murphy lifeless in a bathtub is withdrawn by a US rental chain.
  • As an actress I find the most enjoyable part of acting is really just to please the director. I just want to please my director.
    Joan Chen
  • As an actress we don't beat one another. It's whoever's right for the part.
    Juliette Binoche
  • Being a famous actress may give you a sense of being important, but believe me, it's just an illusion.
    Juliette Binoche

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