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Top 5000 » achievement


i. başarı, başarma
  • Swordsmanship's ultimate achievement is the absence of the sword in both hand and heart.The swordsman is at peace with the rest of the world.
    Silahşörlüğün en büyük başarısı elinde ve kalbinde kılıcın bulunmamasıdır. Silahşör dünya ülkeleriyle barışıktır.
  • Your greatest achievement is to love me.
    Prince Charles
    En büyük başarın beni sevmek.
  • Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.
    Ayn Rand
  • All personal achievement starts in the mind of the individual. Your personal achievement starts in your mind. The first step is to know exactly what your problem, goal or desire is.
    W. Clement Stone
  • And, I may add, from what totally unexpected sources come many of those who from the comparatively modest beginning in the chorus rise to the heights of really great achievement in the theatrical profession.
    Florenz Ziegfeld
  • At the same time I was being given a Lifetime Achievement Grammy.
    Etta James
  • Badges mean nothing in themselves, but they mark a certain achievement and they are a link between the rich and the poor. For when one girl sees a badge on a sister Scout's arm, if that girl has won the same badge, it at once awakens an interest and sympathy between them.
    Juliette G. Low
  • But all actors go through the process, it's hit and miss, you have achievement and failure.
    Thomas Haden Church
  • But the first the general public learned about the discovery was the news of the destruction of Hiroshima by the atom bomb. A splendid achievement of science and technology had turned malign. Science became identified with death and destruction.
    Joseph Rotblat
  • Chess is a sport. The main object in the game of chess remains the achievement of victory.
    Max Euwe
  • Coming to understand a painting or a symphony in an unfamiliar style, to recognize the work of an artist or school, to see or hear in new ways, is as cognitive an achievement as learning to read or write or add.
    Nelson Goodman
  • Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. Creativity gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone. Creativity makes life more fun and more interesting.
    Edward de Bono
  • Democracy is fatal for the arts; it leads only to chaos or the achievement of new and lower common denominators of quality.
    Walter Legge
  • Dissatisfaction with possession and achievement is one of the requisites to further achievement.
    John Hope
  • During the decades after Brown v. Board of Education there was terrific progress. Tens of thousands of public schools were integrated racially. During that time the gap between black and white achievement narrowed.
    Jonathan Kozol
  • Father was the eldest son and the heir apparent, and he set the standard for being a Rockefeller very high, so every achievement was taken for granted and perfection was the norm.
    David Rockefeller
  • First of all, just to get Diner made would have been an achievement in that I got a chance to direct.
    Barry Levinson
  • For unflagging interest and enjoyment, a household of children, if things go reasonably well, certainly all other forms of success and achievement lose their importance by comparison.
    Theodore Roosevelt
  • Freedom is an internal achievement rather than an external adjustment.
    Powell Clayton
  • Grades are almost completely relative, in effect ranking students relative to others in their class. Thus extra achievement by one student not only raises his position, but in effect lowers the position of others.
    James S. Coleman

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