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i. kadın
s. geniş, genel
  • You made him run along the lake,in broad daylight.
    Güpegündüz onu göl boyunca(kenarında) koşturdun.
  • she was taken in broad daylight.
    Gündüz vakti kaçırıldı.

  • I don't like the women with broad shoulders.
    Geniş omuzlu kadınlardan hoşlanmam.
  • - All men are selfish bastards.
    - That broad doesn't know a thing about keeping a guy happy.
    - Tüm erkekler bencil mendeburlar.
    - Bu kadın bir erkeği mutlu etmek konusunda birşey bilmiyor.
  • - Why are we brewing this potion in broad daylight.. ...in the middle of the girls' lavatory? Don't you think we'll get caught?
    - No. No one ever comes in here.
    - Why?
    - Neden ilacı aydınlık gün ışığında... kızlar tuvaletinin ortasında hazırlıyoruz? Yakalanacağımızı düşünmüyor musun?
    - Hayır. Buraya hiç kimse gelmez.
    - Neden?
  • 2 November, morning.--It is broad daylight.
  • A broad margin of leisure is as beautiful in a man's life as in a book. Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping. Keep the time, observe the hours of the universe, not of the cars.
    Henry David Thoreau
  • A broad wheal from an old scar ran right across it from eye to chin, and by its contraction had turned up one side of the upper lip, so that three teeth were exposed in a perpetual snarl.
  • A lot of the stuff that I've done is just really broad comedy and the characters are not that bright. Obviously with the 'American Pie' films and 'Road Trip,' my guys were kind of dicks. These guys in 'Dukes' are good guys.
    Sean William Scott
  • A privilege may not be a right, but, under the constitution of the country, I do not gather that any broad distinction is drawn between the rights and the privileges that were enjoyed and that were taken away.
    Charles Tupper
  • A profound political question is suddenly on the table: Must the country continue to give precedence to private financial gain and market determinism over human lives and broad public values?
    William Greider
  • Actually I think Art lies in both directions - the broad strokes, big picture but on the other hand the minute examination of the apparently mundane. Seeing the whole world in a grain of sand, that kind of thing.
    Peter Hammill
  • Amherst is a liberal arts college, committed to providing students with a broad education.
    Joseph E. Stiglitz
  • Amherst was pivotal in my broad intellectual development; MIT in my development as a professional economist.
    Joseph E. Stiglitz
  • And then I started, broad awake and in full possession of my senses, and ran screaming from the place.
  • Any person without invincible prejudice who had the same experience would come to the same broad conclusion, viz., that things hitherto held impossible do actually occur.
    Oliver Joseph Lodge
  • As a former small business owner, I recognize both the important role small businesses play in our economy and the broad universe of challenges that small business owners face in trying to make ends meet.
    Sue Kelly
  • Asia's governments come in two broad varieties: young, fragile democracies - and older, fragile authoritarian regimes.
    Paul Samuelson
  • But it is obvious that our fathers, whose efforts have planted these great and prosperous cities along the once lonely trails of our own broad land, received all the fundamentals of civilization as a heritage from their European ancestors.
    James H. Breasted
  • Children from like 8 and even up to the college age - Spider-Man appeals to a fairly broad demographic but, like I said, a mean age probably of 12 is a good mark - they process information so quickly and it's not because of attention deficit or short attention span.
    Thomas Haden Church

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