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f. dengelemek, dalgalanmak
i. denge
  • I can't keep seeing her, because the relationship's completely out of balance,
    O'nu görmeye devam edemem, çünkü ilişkimizin ayarı bozuldu.

  • I try to maintain a balance between two lives and protect my daughter in the process.
    İki hayat arasında dengeyi sağlamaya ve bu süreç içinde kızımı korumaya çalışıyorum.
  • The whole balance of power is completely out of whack.
    Güç dengemizin ayarı tamamen bozuldu.

  • I believe in trying to get a balance between individual freedom on the one hand and social responsibility on the other.
    Chris Patten
    Bir yanda sosyal sorumluluk ve diğer yanda da bireysel özgürlük arasında bir denge oluşturmaya çalışmaya inanıyorum.
  • - All young Wachati warrior must face five days.. ...of balance and concentration. Should he lose his focus and fall.. ...he must start over again. Earthquake test!
    - He's good.
    - With my help, he could be the best.
    - Tüm Wachati savaşçıları 5 denge ve konsantrasyon günü ile yüzleşmeliler. Odağını kaybedip düşecek olursa... yeniden başlamalı. Deprem testi.
    - O gayet iyi.
    - Benim yardımımla, en iyisi olabilir.
  • A civilized man is one who will give a serious answer to a serious question. Civilization itself is a certain sane balance of values.
    Ezra Pound
  • A good balance of winning and losing is important. If you just win all the time, you won't get anything out of it; having some tough losses can be really important.
    Andrew Shue
  • A great amount has been talked and written about what constitutes a sufficient balance and what really is meant by the concepts of "balance" and "deterrence".
    Alva Myrdal
  • A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.
    William Arthur Ward
  • Action is at bottom a swinging and flailing of the arms to regain one's balance and keep afloat.
    Eric Hoffer
  • After a while he had already moved so far across that it would have been hard for him to keep his balance if he rocked too hard.
  • All those trucks and barges that carry our goods to port are vital connections to the only force which can balance our trade deficit: export. We must keep doing what we do best if we are going to get America out of the red.
    Jo Ann Emerson
  • Almost every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it.
    George Santayana
  • American presence is, you know, the major cause of balance of power and the stability in this region.
    Kim Dae Jung
  • And if you cannot remain indifferent, you must resolve to throw your weight into that balance in which the fate and condition of man is weighed.
    Lajos Kossuth
  • As people grow up and they want more freedom, it's on an individual basis, children want to have more freedom, you've got to allow that, so how do you balance it. I would say let it evolve, move as quickly or slowly as people would like to move.
    Goh Chok Tong
  • As you get older you learn some balance and mediation in your life - that's where I am right now. I feel pretty comfortable about things.
    Christian Slater
  • At times I experience hardship in trying to find the proper point of balance between traditional things and my own personality.
    Princess Masako
  • Back in those days, in the fifties and sixties, countries had balance of payment's deficits or surpluses, those were reflected much more than today in movements of reserves among countries.
    Robert C. Solomon
  • Balance is so important in our lives. In our busy world, we can give ourselves balance between thinking and feeling.
    Yakov Smirnoff

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