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i. ayak bileği
  • My son has broken his ankle so he couldn't go to scholl last week.
    Oğlum ayak bileğini kırdı bu yüzden geçen hafta okula gidemedi.
  • -Hey, watch where you're going!
    -Thanks, son.
    -When old Penelope twisted her ankle back there, I thought we were done for
    --Hey, gittiğin yere dikkat et!
    -Teşşekürler, evlat.
    -Yaşlı Penelope arkada bileğini burktuğunda, hapı yuttuk diye düşünmüştüm.
  • I have a microphone on one ankle and an ankle bracelet on the other, so I'm well balanced today.
    Martha Stewart
  • I'd rather not, but if it will help the club, I'll do it. My ankle injury still bothers me sometimes.
    Bill Buckner
  • I've had one very bad ankle injury but otherwise I've been incredibly lucky with my fitness. I've worked hard at it and I've always been fit even compared to other players. That sustains you through various parts of your career, but I am 36.
    Graeme Le Saux
  • If we get in an accident that's strong enough to break bones, it's going to break bones. What makes me a little bit higher risk is that if I break my right ankle again, I've got a bunch of screws and plates in there, and that would not be good.
    Al Unser
  • It's like going to the gym everyday. It really is. I work hard on my craft, I sweat a little bit, I run a little bit, I might sprain an ankle every now and them, but it's all good and the more you do it, the more in shape you are and it's like a machine.
    Nia Long
  • No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.
    Frederick Douglass
  • Oh, gosh, okay... well, my biggest injury was probably a bone chip in my ankle that required surgery.
    Trish Stratus
  • Until Charlie broke his ankle in Toronto, we were as good a unit as anybody.
    Marcel Dionne

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