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f. çatı ile örtmek
i. çatı, üst kısım
  • Then you jumped off a roof because you thought you could fly.
    Sonra uçabileceğini sandığın için çatıdan atladın.
  • You did your duty my son, Now you have much to do before the next moon. Fix the roof in case it rains this year.
    Sen görevini yerine getirdin evlat. Şimdi bir sonraki dolunaya kadar yapacak çok işin var. Bu sene yağmur yağarsa diye çatıyı tamir et.
  • Fix the roof in case it rains this year.
    Bu sene yağmur yağma ihtimaline karşı çatı onar.
  • A helicopter managed to land on the roof and rescued six of us before the roof collapsed.
    Bir helikopter çatıya inmeyi başardı ve çatı çökmeden bizim altımızı birden kurtardı.

  • We couldn’t go down, so we had to go up to the roof.
    Aşağı inemiyorduk, bu nedenle çatıya çıkmamız gerekiyordu.

  • Now you've enough to eat, a roof and a job giving you $5,000.
    Artık yeterli yiyeceğin, başının üstünde bir çatı ve 5000 dolar maaşlı bir işin var.
  • 1-What a close shave I had! I nearly fell off the roof when I was working there.
    2-I have a close shave before I go to work every day.
    1-Kıl payı kurtuldum,Çatıda çalışırken neredeyse düşüyordum.
    2-İşe gitmeden önce hergün sinekkaydı traş olurum.
  • - You're never gonna go back there. It's too dangerous.
    - The roof is coming down. Wait a second! A jaguar!
    - I know what this is.
    - Oraya asla dönmeyeceksin. Çok tehlikeli.
    - Çatı düşüyor. Bekle bir dakika! Bir jaguar!
    - Ne olduğunu biliyorum.
  • - l've got my man on the roof now. Can't you hear the hammer?
    - ls that a hammer?
    - Adamım damda şu anda. Çekiç sesini duymuyor musun?
    - Bu çekiç mi?
  • A British couple, Christopher and Christine Martin, are killed after a roof collapses at a house in Spain.
  • A frisky young Kid had been left by the herdsman on the thatched roof of a sheep shelter to keep him out of harm's way.
  • About sunset, however, their efforts were at last successful, and they subdued the flames, but not before the roof had fallen in, and the whole place been reduced to such absolute ruin that, save some twisted cylinders and iron piping, not a trace remained of the machinery which had cost our unfortunate acquaintance so dearly.
  • Anything that happens that's good, they think, Oh, it's an accident, when is the roof caving in? You've got to get them out of that mental framework.
    Dick Butkus
  • As a consequence while we had a roof over our heads, food on the table, and clothes to wear to school we were constantly conscious of being of modest means.
    Robert B. Laughlin
  • As soon as the jury had a little recovered from the shock of being upset, and their slates and pencils had been found and handed back to them, they set to work very diligently to write out a history of the accident, all except the Lizard, who seemed too much overcome to do anything but sit with its mouth open, gazing up into the roof of the court.
  • But I don't begrudge anybody, because I know how hard it is to have that dream and to make it happen, whether or not it's just to put a roof over your head and food on the table.
    Carol Burnett
  • But if people will laugh at my work and keep a sound roof over my head, who am I to complain?
    Billie Burke
  • Chris Cutler was kind enough to offer his company as an umbrella, so now I can have all my back catalogue under one roof as it were, and it has the same feeling as with Daniel; this is a matter between friends rather than businessmen.
    Fred Frith
  • Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck.
    George Carlin
  • How prone poor Humanity is to dam up the minutest remnants of its freedom, and build an artificial roof to prevent it looking up to the clear blue sky.
    E. T. A. Hoffmann

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